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Xiaomi Hair Trimmer

ENCHEN Boost USB Electric Hair Clipper Two Speed Ceramic Cutter Hair Fast Charging Hair Trimmer Children Hair Clipper

- One Button Locks The Length Of The Haircut

Highlights a slider-type situating brush that locks hair style lengths from 0.7 to 21 mm and supports one-button modification for simple activity.

- Nano Ceramic Cutter Head

The hardness of nano-earthenware production is 1.6 occasions that of normal tempered steel. The surface perfection is littler than that of hardened steel. Hence, when the hair scissors is running at rapid, the commotion produced by the artistic shaper head will be lower and it won't be anything but difficult to create heat. Working clamor is under 55db

- Variable Frequency Power, Two Speed Control

The ENCHEN Boost hair scissors embraces recurrence change innovation, and with the amazing 280 sort engine, it gives two-speed power adaptable changing to address the issues of various hair types. The typical beginning velocity is 4500 rpm for ordinary hair, long-press the switch button. In a split second initiates the "Turbo" speed mode, with a ground-breaking yield of 5800 rpm, making it simple to fabricate thick hair

- ESM Intelligence Prevent Stucking Hair

ESM (Energy Smart Manager) is the mind of ENCHEN items. It has two huge modules of vitality the board and engine acing, which can ensure rapid activity and no stucking hair when the battery is low. During the charging procedure, the ESM will enact different certifications to expand battery life and guarantee safe charging. Also, Boost's marker framework can precisely show the status of low battery, charging, and full force.

- R Type Rounded Corner Processing

The parts that contact the skin with the shaper head and the situating brush are adjusted to guarantee wellbeing and solace during haircutting. The hair scissors head comprises of a versatile shaper and a static shaper. It can securely contact the shaper head at any edge during the working procedure.

Detail :

Brand ENCHEN( XIAOMI Cooperation Brand )

Model Boost

Material ABS

Shading Black/White

Weight 142g

Size 43 x 164 mm

Power 5W

Voltage 5V

Charging Time 120 Minutes

Force Supply USB Charging

Bundle Includes :

1 x USB Hair Clipper

1 x USB Cable

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