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New updates to are underway.

What's new in the update.

There will be a login option for users to login to use / login accounts.

The user should be able to easily buy / sell and use the other benefits of the account will be able to create an account from the option on Singh up.

Through Bayer Account, Bayer users will be able to open their accounts. Easily buy their favorite products and add and cart and bookmark them.

Businesses / freelancers will have to open a Sellar account to sell their products / projects. This will make it very easy to sell his / her products / products online.

Users who want to affiliate, expert, do, etc. can open the affiliate account and start working.

You can earn points, money, gifts, etc. through friends' referrals.

You can earn points through contests, events, gifts, buy / sell, referrals, deily bonuses, etc.

Point, Gift, Etc. For daily logging, activity, etc. Get these

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#Work_Start_Date: 01-03-2020
#Release_Date: September - October 🧐

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