Samsung Galaxy M21 first look and new leaks phone

June 05, 2021

 What's up guys, welcome to,

updates about Samsung's mid-range smartphone

Samsung Galaxy M21.

samsung galaxy m21 first look and new leaks phone

Samsung is functioning on an updated version of the smartphone Galaxy M20.

In the middle of this month, it became known
that Samsung is preparing an update to the Galaxy M21 Series smartphone family. Then the Galaxy M11 and Galaxy M31 devices were mentioned. Now it's become known that these devices are going to be supplemented by the Galaxy M21, which can be the successor to at least one of the best-selling smartphones within the Galaxy M series. consistent with network sources, the Samsung M21 is being developed under the code name
If the Galaxy M20 is out there in versions
with 32 and 64 GB of internal memory, then
the Galaxy M21 model will accompany a drive
with a capacity of 64 or 128 GB.
It is expected that the mobile OS Android
10 are going to be used because the software platform,
while the hardware base is probably going to be Exynos
9610 or Exynos 9611.

samsung galaxy m21 first look and new leaks phone

Unfortunately, more detailed information regarding

the characteristics of the Galaxy M21 is not

yet available.

As for the color options for new devices,

it is known that each of the 2020 Galaxy M

Series smartphones will be available in black

and blue.

There will be exclusive options: purple for

the Galaxy M11, green for the Galaxy M21 and

red for the Galaxy M31.

It is possible that after the launch of the

updated models of the series, other options

for the color design of the novelty case will

appear on the market.

It's hard to say when Samsung plans to introduce

updated versions of the Galaxy M Series devices.

The Galaxy M10 and Galaxy M20 were launched

at the end of January 2019.

However, this does not mean that next year

the manufacturer will adhere to a similar

schedule for the launch of new devices.


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