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Terms of offer:

1. To participate in this offer, you must make a 100% advance payment - if Cash on Delivery is selected, the order will be considered as a direct cancellation. However, Store Credit can be used. If the amount of store credit is less, the rest of the money can be paid for development. That is, if the price of the product is 500 rupees and your store credit is 200 rupees, you can pay the remaining 300 rupees in development.

2. Must order online - Order by phone, inbox or any other means will not be included in any such offer.

3. During this offer, the winners of the offer products will get Free Delivery all over Bangladesh in Dhaka or outside Dhaka.

4. The number of winners in each product title of the Big Deal offer will be selected through a neutral digital lottery.

5. If they do not win, their money will be added to their BDSHOP.COM account as Store Credit - with which you can buy any product at any time. Validity of Store Credit Lifetime. Refunds will not be made through Cash or Development or any other means.

. If one wants, he can participate more than once by making multiple orders and payments. Each order will be treated as an entry - so you can easily take multiple opportunities by placing more orders. However, you will only order one product in one order, for example: if you order a product worth Rs. 500, then do not order any other product or more than one product in that order. Order 2 separate to participate 2 times - do not check out 2 products at once.

. No other product can be bought with Big Deal's product, just order this product. If there is another product with the order will be canceled and credited to the store. If you use any discount card, voucher or club point while ordering, the order will be considered canceled and the amount will be credited to the store.

. In this offer, even if you win multiple products from one account, no more than 3 products will be delivered. For example, if you order 8 out of 10 by ordering 10 from one account, you can take any 3 products from the product you want to win, but you can't take 2 of the same product - you can take different products. No more than 3 accounts / one will be given.

9. The offer will run from 05/02/2020 to 11.59 on 25/02/2020 and the winner will be digitally selected through lottery between 10:00 am and 8:00 pm on 26/02/2020.

10. Orders that cannot be won will be credited to the BDSHOP.COM account as a store credit within the next 72 hours from the date of the lottery.
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