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Original Xiaomi WIFI Repeater In Bangladesh

House area is too large, too thick wall at home or other problems make the WIFI signal is poor, or from time to time, leading to play games, watch movies, and slow loading web pages, long waiting time. In the toilet, the balcony signal weak position of the-the insertion Xiaomi WIFI amplifier, WIFI signal can be expanded up to double.

With this high gain and smart wifi repeater, you can make stronger and large WiFi network. This WiFi extender will work with any branded WiFi Router. So, with investing few extra amounts, you can have better wifi coverage at your home.  This mi repeater is 2nd generation and with 300Mbps of speed. 
Configuring this Xiaomi WiFi amplifier is super easy. You will just need to download and install a mobile app named "MiHome" from Google play store or Apple App Store. It will take less than a minute to configure your existing router and amplify the wifi signal dramatically. 
No manual switching WIFI, terminal device will automatically select the best source.

Mi Repeater 2 Usage:

The amplifier is inserted Xiaomi WIFI router USB port, blue indicator lights up automatic pairing is complete. After pairing, just random into a different USB port, you can immediately use.

The configuration of Mi Repeater 2:

You can download the Free mobile app "MiHome" via scanning the QR code from the Xiaomi Mi Repeater package or from Google play store or Apple app store. 
Package Include:
1 Xiaomi WI-FI আম্পলিফিএর

Mi Repeater 2 price in BD
Additional Offer:
Buy a USB Travel Adapter as an additional offer. This Travel adapter comes without cable and recommended to use for Mi Repeater 2. The product is a compatible model and we can't guaranty the authenticity of the product as Samsung brand. In general, you will get 2 days of checking and replacement warranty for this Travel adapter but there is not further warranty will carry this product.

USB Travel Adapter

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